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You’re a high achiever, and you deserve a body that can keep up with your aspirations. This is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to Functional Medicine, an approach grounded in systems biology that targets the underlying issues behind illness. With our method, you can bid farewell to digestive issues, amp up your energy levels, enhance your sleep quality, regulate your hormones, and fine-tune your body composition. All of this is made possible with our scientifically validated approach, coupled with customized testing.
With Pedro Gonzalez MD, you’re just a click away from Dr. Gonzalez’s professional medical advice, thanks to our virtual online consultations. Convenient testing will be organized at your location, seamlessly fitting between your online appointments.

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Peptide Therapy

Peptide Therapy is a powerful tool for boosting your health. Think of peptides as helpers that fight aging, illness, and improve overall well-being and physical performance. Unlike many traditional treatments, peptide therapy works in harmony with your body’s natural processes, making it more effective with fewer side effects. 

What Our Client Says

About Dr. Pedro Gonzalez

Distinguished rehabilitation physician

Dr. Pedro Gonzalez, a distinguished rehabilitation physician with over ten years of experience, is renowned for his unique approach to patient care. Trained at the globally acclaimed NYU Medical Center.

Medical Expertise

Dr. Gonzalez goes beyond addressing superficial symptoms. Instead, he explores the intricate relationship between nutrition, digestion, detoxification, immune function, hormones, and metabolism. His particular expertise in peptides and hormone optimization has been invaluable for his patients, providing them with optimal health outcomes and peak performance. The effectiveness of his methods, paired with suggested lifestyle modifications and supplements, has proven transformational.